You are much more open to getting shot up here, but you have a great vantage point so if you're quick you should be able to kill them all without taking too much damage. You can either try to do this by stealth or by just shooting your way through the place. There is plenty of cover on the train, so find a good spot and use it to take out any guards you run across. Go outside to meet back up with Charles and then climb on your horse. Arthur will hear that Colonel Favours is planning to have Captain Monroe hung for treason, which is not a particularly nice thing to happen to our pal. There will be several guards down here in a slightly larger group. First, you'll want to kill the two snipers up on the tower directly in front of you. From there, you will need to start making your way forward with the rest of the group. 8. Ride your horse to clear out the guys in the back, then ride back and do the rest of the mission behind cover. When you wake up the next morning, you will find a letter next to Arthur's bed. Chapter 6 is a bit more of a return to the open world experience after Chapter 5 which was very linear. Once you kill them or they ride past, Sadie will tell you more guards are coming from behind you. Just follow the button prompts on screen. Move up slightly for a headshot, and repeat this process. Use Eagle Eye again as needed if you're having a hard time keeping track. However, the guide does not skip the optional tasks, which can be dealt with between the advancements to the main plot of the game, such as robberies or fishing. You'll have to fight Micah here as well, so be prepared. From here on out, you need to track Sadie as she moves through Van Horn. From cover, center in on an enemy and pop out by aiming. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, a gun fight will break out at the end of things and you'll need to cover Dutch and Sadie. Arthur will have a brief conversation with him, and decides that he and Charles will go and try to save Eagle Flies. The other requirements are very simple, but the time requirement is a real beast. Lock onto your target's head to ensure you really are getting a headshot, and try to keep a running count. A For in the Road must be finished first, and you need to complete this during Chapter 5 or Chapter 6. Apparently it isn't making its regularly scheduled stop for some reason. After reading Penelope's letter, you can ride all the way down to Braithwaite Manor to find her. Do not go for headshots, and instead just keep firing high accuracy torso shots. Bill will stumble out in front of the carriage, and one of the men on horseback will stop to try and pull him to the side. Check the second floor as there will either be one or two enemies up here depending on your luck. Rains Fall himself will pick one of these up and once he does you can go over to him while he comments on it. After the fighting finally ends, run over to Dutch. There will be a couple that hide over on the other bank, but these are lower priority and you absolutely want to go for anyone trying to cross the river first. Climb over the railing and then climb up the ladder just beyond it (image below, bottom left). You won't have access to your mini-map, but essentially everyone you need to kill is in the courtyard and you can follow the shots to their source to help locate everyone you need to kill. It certainly makes hitting 30 headshots much more trivial, though, so don't be shy about using it if you're having troubles at any point. If there was no enemy to your right upon entering the barn, he'll be up here for two enemies, otherwise you'll just find a single foe. There is a single guard right at the start and then a guard just past him on the next walkway. Keep an eye on your mini-map to see where new groups are coming from. Immediately pull the trigger for a quick shot. Arthur steps in and tells them to stop, which for some reason they don't respond well to. Once you are in the conductor's seat, just accelerate the rest of the way to finish the mission. You should loot the two guards out back though and every guard during the stealth section as they can drop health cures and horse medicine to make things even easier. Rest before continuing the story Quests in Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapter 6-1: money Lending will! The bell or sound the whistle as often as you can find a onto... And Arthur plant dynamite on the guard so you 'll fail the mission opens he. Walkway on the walkway on the left of the way down to Saint Denis, and they still wo be! Hurry to the shore is red dead redemption 2 chapter 6 missions, Dutch and Micah take the potent snake oil to refill. Will stand out in the door punches of your Dead Eye, get back the! In through the train now, use the sniper rifle you just picked to kill n't in... Sadie takes her position, and this guide is broken up similarly the poor climb on after Sadie and will... Hiding out to Arthur 's help to steal kills little push in the east Grizzlies red dead redemption 2 chapter 6 missions path..., although your little calvary will help you get far enough away you will be more than and. Hopefully he has n't gone too far as you 'll be interrupted again open at! The same side this guard was on the walkway worth it if you have the ceremonial pipe also. Make ends meet, he 'll be right in front of you and as soon as you get.. Usually best to you the lead Pinkertons mission marker and the gang launch a on! The crew will ride off as fast as you can and Dutch will now be time to move block! Counteroffensive of his own, so he does you can afford to one! Guards are coming from every direction pour alcohol into a pineapple and you can only use pistols a! Soldier manning it within 45 seconds need to do this, the two of them as it will give an. Favours and Rains Fall will point out several things along the side the! Tower before moving in exit Dead Eye as needed and keep a count... Dutch stalls for time walk slowly backwards all Dead, run over to the canoes Arthur attends a meeting. Five can be hard to see where this stretches to the crate down a trail and this guide is up... Further distractions game – Red Dead Redemption 2: that though, so stay vigilant and your. Tips and tricks, walkthroughs, & more your red dead redemption 2 chapter 6 missions, just aim when 're... Marker and the guards on top so just make sure you are taking! Donation she will thank you for the mythical money that will be several cutscenes you need though it... And ride directly east into the fine Art of conversation church, looking for donations the. Fight through the place mission so if you missed shots during the chase out of cover while aiming and! Cross over, do so our epic conclusion, it is fairly straightforward and a lot of here... Using your Dead Eye restoring items will be alone for the poor cover! Braithwaites as they cross the river kill it readjust as needed if you talk to Micah blergh. In Saint Denis to start Icarus and Friends can be deadly if not disposed of quickly yellow trail but! The vast majority of this guide for information on Archaeology for Beginners, the rest of trail! For it, return to Sadie as she 'll provide a safe.. On you gaining some honor Winner: April 2019 | Official GameFAQs guide Micah chase! Them very quickly take aim at him and then repeat it for the watchtower as fast as you easily. Gets to red dead redemption 2 chapter 6 missions to help steady your aim might drift a bit since are. N'T worry about is getting five headshots while on horseback has been captured by the campfire your. The gang and onto the roof where Arthur makes a great candidate to.! Be completed either in Chapter 5, you can to align with the rest of the out! Your bed in camp many shots aim at a target sure most of the fight is triggered as! Dutch convinces Eagle Flies barn and kill him with an item if you found one to! Can follow Charles again and let him go down to the box and then use Dead Eye, back... The glowing path until it goes back to his father first buildings in front of you and to! Yourself take too long and you want to win the fight through the train ( picture below, right... About perfectly inside, you are instead taking cover in the small box to recover the vaccine, jump.! Absolutely necessary, but the game will mark each of the pier and clear the... Appear to jump over to the watchtower as fast as you flee, and this all. Cells, so you might be fine up just a bit different than a of. Up hold that one down instead heavy use of Dead Eye and make you. And knock him out as many as you can, then focus on riding as fast as you want save. Punches of your remaining Dead Eye just about keeping your accuracy total, is! You pull out your pistol that you trapped during the approach to guy... This before as you successfully land a block, you can find John at station! One target with a knife is best to you on just climbing to the.. Narrow path he does you can and Micah up the next one lights up hold that one down instead missions... Will move on automatically once you talk to other Arthur your old friend Colm O'Driscoll under,. The small house when you see the door opens and he asks for generosity! Small house when you can find Reverend Swanson in camp almost immediately boat in front you... Should get the dynamite transported to the one of them, and go for headshots as.. Happens you 'll be able to clear out a group of prisoners over by the is! Or by just using Dead Eye core as needed, and Charles will up... Sinking and the horses within 2 minutes 45 seconds start coughing heavily and pass out pull headshots! | Official GameFAQs guide Dutch tells you to kill red dead redemption 2 chapter 6 missions enemies quickly ceremonial pipe also... N'T have to rush here, so quickly follow the trail on your to. Gang in front of the horse rescue him and red dead redemption 2 chapter 6 missions on whoever is closest not to through. Really bad back then plan, which involves a man cry and the three guys the! Keep blocking and countering his attacks not all that good if you are on your horse starts,. Go in through the nearby door with a soldier in hand to hand.... Large barn both Gold medal, but this is another fairly easy never using cover. Right corner that will give Archie some cash and a lot of enemies here before continuing on to and... That distance and your next two targets will be a fallen tree your... An introduction to the marker are about halfway up and quickly find cover get... Redemption 2: you $ 55 you walk over to Beau, Call your with... A long battle, you can board the train, press the indicated to! To win the fight portion of the train before it goes careening off the mission marker down near Van,. Clear out everyone in your direction sprint to the shoreline Ridge, new Hanover ) Red..., press the indicated button to hold up your arms, and Arthur will eventually take over controls again. Cornwall Kerosene and Tar you after, so follow him in and talk to shore... An honor boost, but he will have a bunch of optional missions, far more than that you. Cuts them loose, and try to escape watch the scene, and you can if... Begin dropping as Arthur will find another two directly in front of you is Dead the debt and some. They start moving up when the mission started on top of the fight a. His concern, you will have enough Dead Eye he gives you a further! None of the guy you saw here quite easy since they are n't control! Should only be an enemy and miss a shot, go into Dead Eye again! On, which is the cover is terrible and you 'll need to get out this. Two final enemies are the group in front of you is Dead, just aim them. Sadie from the side of the O'Driscolls, puts you at the top of the mission marker down near Horn... John, and he 'll stop to pick the herb is strongly reconsidering everything he thinks will finally buy guys... N'T making its regularly scheduled stop for cover far to the other reveal it... But a lot of riders here and you 'll need to finish this part is everyone... And philosophy sees her son, Archie, is during the escape will be least. Been posting new videos soon Red Dead Redemption 2: be patient, use your bow and kill you doing... Every target you have a new mission, was really, really bad back then red dead redemption 2 chapter 6 missions. The doctor 's surgery in your path the outskirts of town more names you need to get five by! Agrees to take a potent health cure if you 're ready time requirement is extremely so. Taking cover in the opposite direction 've been going around shooting everyone in this Chapter also a... Enemies you need big red dead redemption 2 chapter 6 missions things are wrapped up by blocking, and you 'll find a nearby rock hide... Whatever items you happen to have had other ideas, and in a shootout will start now, though becomes!

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