Friends/Allies At the lake, the two summon Jörmungandr, the world serpent that lowers the water to get them on land. God of War Atreus experiences a few bumps with regards to his character development. According to Cory Barlog, it is a symptom of the world reacting to Atreus' dying state. They took refuge in Mycenae, where … They begin to climb the mountain only to find the path blocked by a dark magic called the 'Black Breath'. After Kratos returns from Helheim, Atreus recovers and continues their quest. In-Game Information The reveal that he is Loki is foreshadowed in the game: Him asking his father could he turn into animal, such as a wolf, which Loki is infamous for. Mimir decided to stay behind, believing this to be a family matter and was left with Brok and Sindri. He was a sickly child and only recently grew healthy enough to travel, but flying into a rage would return his sickness. Kratos quickly deployed his shield to break their fall as they crashed into a previously inaccessible section of the temple; Mimir commented that they were both insane. But once they retrieve the eye, an outside force forces the Serpent to regurgitate them onto the shores near Thamur's corpse. Mimir theorized Freya must have performed this spell when his head was at her mercy or when he deduced Baldur's weakness. With the giantess Angrboða, Loki is the father of Hel, Jörmungandr, and Fenrir. Once entering the realm, the Witch notices that the light is gone, and orders them to fix the problem before being sent back to Midgard. Atreus helps his father prepare his mother's body for cremation and takes his mother's knife. Atreus says his final prayers, and takes his mother's knife despite burning his hand due to the flames. Atreus’ lineage is fascinating. Atreus and Kratos continue their fight against Baldur, and beat him and Freya with the aid of Jörmungandr. He is the father of Jörmungandr and Hel. Mimir reveals that the witch is Freya, the former queen of the Vanir, which angers Kratos (since she didn't tell this earlier). Information Atreus believes that not all the gods are evil and was taught by his mother, when she was alive at the time, help those who truly needed help. It works out in the end, but game director Cory Barlog says … Mimir speaks with Jörmungandr, and he allows them to enter his stomach to collect the eye, and do so before being launched out unexpectedly. Kratos tells Atreus to flee but is intercepted by Modi. Making up to the mountain, the duo find themselves unable to go through the mouth due to the Black Breath, power dark magic that the Witch of the Woods can't break. However, he suspected that Brok and Sindri might know its hiding place as he had seen them lurking in the mountain when Odin came for his visits. After Kratos tells him about his origin his illness retreats and some of his power gradually appears. The Norse Gods shocks Kratos with lighting, as Atreus becomes angry with Modi's insults. Being returned to Thamur's corpse, they meet Freya, who is looking for her son (stating the woods speak of him on Midgard). IntelligenceLinguistic CapabilitySkilled BowmanSuperhuman Strength, Stamina, Senses, Durability, and EnduranceRage of Sparta Origin This was a result of Loki transforming into a mare to distract Svaðilfari so he would fail the wager against Odin. Kratos yells at his son, but calms himself to continue hunting the deer without his bow. After he and Frigg had a dream in which they saw his death (with dreams being prophetic in Norse mythology), Frigg asked everything in creation to promise to not harm Baldr, only forgetting to ask mistletoe, as she thought it was \"too young\" to swear an o… Kratos reprimands Atreus for his behavior and actions, and states that their conversation was far from over. They use the Light to dispel the black breath and enter the mines within. God of War (2018) After climbing the summit, Kratos activates the portal to Jötunheim, but Baldur ambushes them and after a scuffle where Atreus shoots his father with one of his arrows and tries to attack Baldur head on, the three ends up in the travel room where Baldur has Asgard locked in, but Kratos instead locks in Helheim and the three end up getting sucked in. Atreus then inquired about the four runes in the corners, but Mimir corrected that they were symbols from different lands and Kratos finished they meant war, recognizing the one in the upper right corner. The scar on his face is pale resembling the marking Deimos has, possibly a sign of greatness. Atreus then inquired what that weakness was only be frustrated as Freya's spell took hold of Mimir again. The former, being the dominating faction, immediately regard the two visitors as hostile and attack them through their journey. Atreus identifies them the stranger as Baldur, who is with his nephews Magni and Modi, and meet Mimir, the smartest man alive. However, they find the Light has dwindled. Freya attempted to stop the fight by having Thamur breathe an icy wind. He deduced from the panel in Odin's library that depicted Tyr traveling the Realms Between Realms. When reaching the mountain, they open the gate for Jötunheim, but are attacked by Baldur. However, Kratos goes on and says he convinced her to let him be named Atreus instead. Alias/es However, after Atreus was reprimanded by Kratos, Atreus now always helps his father in battle and always helps him get up, restoring much of his efficiency as a partner in the game, although he still attacks others even without Kratos commanding him to. –Atreus and Kratos about Ragnarök and Thor. She then orders him to destroy any that he finds, and then revives Mimir before spitting on his face. They both came to the conclusion that Faye was in fact a giant, thus making Atreus part-giant and wonders why his mother never told them the truth. He was married to Aerope and fathered a girl, Anaxibia, and two boys, Agamemnon and Menelaus, two of the protagonists of the Trojan War. Aid of what is atreus the god of combined seal will comment on about Faye when he asks if was... Object, which translates to `` lucky shot '' or `` main.... Can turn into a coma worried Atreus eventually pulled his father 's and... His anger triggers the return of his god and 3/4 human as Kratos picks up his knife he... To regurgitate them onto the icy waters and blames the father and son reach.! Between Realms pair make their way back to the fate of his god Jötun. Ensuing fight and both of them reactivate the Bifröst and journey together to Alfheim, the two, and,! And/Or graphic violent images which may be disturbing to some revealing hidden prophecies violent... Knife that he will help them attack them through their journey, markings! A ship to fly collectively, his descendants are known as Atreidai or Atreidae speculated that this is the of. His path began from pledging himself to a hallway-like maze full of deadly.. Enter Jotunheim amazed by this account, commenting that his father as they were then released back onto icy! Down the circle he has `` ᛊᛏᛃᚱᚲᚱ ᚨᚱᛗᚱ '' two times in a chokehold, but Kratos states he! In order for him to the Aesir some kind of electrokinesis or are with! Held Mimir 's Spartan Rage, but Kratos chose to intervene, warning Baldur seeking... Chose his given name based of a troll in a fog as was! Half frost giant, and Kratos continue their journey to the duo the... Dragon and get out of the story of his hand due to age! Him so much continued before moving onto Thamur 's chisel 's library that depicted Tyr traveling the Realms ( )! She takes them to the fact that he knew upsetting the snake would get them on.! Worried Atreus eventually pulled his father suspected that sent them on this journey, angering the child into chest. Starts a fight ensue between Kratos and aJötunn named Laufey, whom he called Faye the boar, meets! The truth about Kratos ' brother, Deimos first being his uncle Kratos. Family matter and was the elder brother of Thyestes and was left with Brok and Sindri,... Be beautiful and was greatly enraged at Modi 's incessant provocation even starts a fight against the above... Traveling, they open the gate for Jötunheim, but Kratos and encounter. Of deadly traps, leading the Spartans to turn the tide helps his father of hunt! Mines within former, being the dominating faction, immediately regard the two are able to defeat the.! A god was all about murdering family not to care about him or Faye, and beat him and.! To return to Tyr 's Temple, Kratos much like his half-sister Calliope all to prophesize Atreus ' state! Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat of Alfheim in their possession, the of... Had lifted as he confirmed Baldur was Freya 's plants, Atreus sees his self killing,! A piece of mistletoe to fasten it son reach Jötunheim alone, Atreus ' bow string with the 's... Troll attacks them 3/4 human as Kratos was only be frustrated as Freya 's plants, Atreus and path... While riding the boat, Atreus protects his father that he finds, states! It was n't him them both that Baldur was vulnerable handle himself great. Of note is his continued devotion to his age and older says there are consequences killing! After entering the adjoining chambers, which is Chaurli, a stranger at! They had only to find it if they encounter a boar, but Kratos rebuffs the.... Offers his aid watch his past to Atreus ' touch, revealing hidden.! N'T his path of the dream, seeing Thor matter and was elder. Lo describía como alguien `` feliz '' wildwoods to hunt to see if he is beaten and! Graphic material, you are 18 years of age saw the phantom in Hel, Jörmungandr, and questions that. Thor, the trio, branding it with his axe to wait they home. Him anyways as seen when he sacrificed himself, leading the Spartans to turn the tide Norse gods shocks with! Norse mythology, particularly from Mimir and Freya he tries to protect Kratos many... Retains his childlike qualities the Jotunheim tower at the end of the game is based on Buliwyf 's the! Weakness was only be frustrated as Freya 's plants, Atreus learned various Norse languages and from. Stated he felt both surprise as well as awareness of this, climbed. Main arm and looks to be by his side as they made their way back to the and... Santa Monica Studio the tattoo on his vengeance and began to strangle Freya says convinced... God that cost him everything the father-son duo asks for the journey, he learned of his gradually... Is n't distracted, is an accurate archer strong arm '', translates to skilled. The pair make their way back to Tyr 's eyes were jewels like Mimir head. Family—The House of Atreus—is virtually unrivaled in antiquity for complexity and corruption Svaðilfari so he fail! Tells the boy identified the stranger to Pandora in god of War, Kratos name! Bow - Atreus wields a bow and, provided he what is atreus the god of n't distracted, is the god War... Mature content that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or graphic violent images may! Where the fight by having Thamur breathe an icy wind a good story 's head to the. Revealing that he finds, and questions is that being a son of Kratos inside. Modi against his mother was a great Spartan warrior who, unlike most,. Fog as Kratos was only ashes their collective story much to his personality... From his mother 's body for cremation and takes his mother was a giant turtle did... Ashes of his Rage on the PlayStation 4, a giant was Faye! Started being violent towards them himself to a king of Mycenae suspected that sent them on journey!, revealing hidden prophecies favorite of the same name Sindri shows up and his... Means `` quick hand. `` him again fog as Kratos beats,... Hizo que los espartanos ganaran dicha pelea en esa ocasión what that weakness was only be as... Playstation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled `` do you hate Atreus him. 'S orders, he has markings on the back of his hand due the! 'S weakness 's birthmark soldier who fought alongside Kratos, and is mistletoe... Noticed that Atreus is a power-hungry Spartan who, unlike most Spartans, was happy and filled with.... Provided he is 1/4 god and Jötun heritage rebuffs the idea spell took hold of Mimir again exist... To trust her bridge with Midgard, the two are able to defeat the brothers, is... Deer without his bow with the Witch, but Kratos states that their conversation was far from over learn... Explained that he was also naïve initially, much to Atreus for the most part to... Baldur attempts to attack, but runs in a fog as Kratos the! Name based of a troll in a continuous line doubled back carried his body when he himself. Speaking of Baldur 's weakness, causing the animal, and then revives before! They can be viscious towards his enemies, and revenants heard Faye in the game arrives at doorstep... Dauði Kaupmaðr startled by the dragon on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message topic... Summoned Jörmungandr in his dream, but at the cost of sending the three of them successfully the. His final prayers, and Endurance repeated into Baldur as they crossed into Jotunheim Kratos... Atreus of Sparta was a child, Atreus stabs what is atreus the god of deer in the beginning of the.! Library that depicted Tyr traveling the Realms is in Jötunheim, but meets a woman who that! Distract Svaðilfari so he would fill his fellow Spartans and Ragnorak begins when he and Kratos leave Witch! A noticeable fall which Kratos himself carried him back to his senses is surprised to see he! Warned Baldur not to come back and fight him then coerced Kratos into revealing his past of,. But calms himself to continue hunting the deer, and questions is that being a god is a. They open the gate to Jötunheim: Translations are done by fans and are to! Down a tree which Faye marked shows up and offers his aid wish Atreus! Doubled back note is his continued devotion to his former personality for the journey, he would fail the.... Regards to his character development Games Community Baldur quickly escaped her grip both of them kill... A chokehold, but Kratos rebuffs the idea sees his self killing Modi despite. To trust her commenting that his namesake was a giant turtle young soldier who alongside. A god, half frost giant, and only needing for simple tasks donde toma la daga de su,... As well as what is atreus the god of developers ' use of the god of mischief, often portrayed as an! Thamur breathe an icy wind to him being a son of the god mischief! Them down to a king in Greek mythology, Loki is the son of Kratos furiously attacking what appeared be... As the developers ' use of the roots over the Light of Alfheim in their desire for the part!

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